Who we are

The Kidney Donor Inc. is a kidney donation organization for the promotion of kidney and tissue donation across the globe.

We actively plan and implement educational and publicity programs that are designed to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation with a common purpose, to increase the chances of finding potential freewill organ donors.

The KD Inc. is not a medical organization but plays the role of finding and matching organ donors to potential recipients.

We receive no funding from government and rely entirely on our own fundraising initiatives and generous donations from corporate and individuals to support our work. We hope that you find it in your heart to support us with what ever you can. to us the list is big and can create a great impact in saving a life.

The Foundation has two main focuses:


To raise awareness amongst the entire world about the need for, and the benefits of, kidney organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

We reduce the chances of you stressing by already providing a vast database of registered potential donors. With us DONORS ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE

We aim to motivate medical personnel to consider organ and tissue donation when assessing brain-dead patients and help achieve a more efficient referral system,

so that more life-saving organ transplants and more life restoring tissue transplants will be performed in INDIA.
We also administer an Emergency Flight Plan, which pays for the transportation of vital organs from outlying areas

to transplant hospitals if sponsored flights and/or funding is available to do so.

Mission Statement: To give people in need of transplant surgery an active way to search for a live organ donor.

Our goal is to increase the number of transplant surgeries and improve awareness of live organ donation.

The most common organs transplanted from a live donor are single kidney and liver lobes.

Kidney Donors Inc. is where patients and potential donors can meet and communicate, and hopefully expedite a donor agreeing to give a patient a much needed organ.